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A Spiritual Awakening

Let us help you achieve enlightenment using the benefits of yoga, meditation practice, and personal soul searching techniques. We are here to give you easy access to everything you need to begin your journey from yoga accessories to consciousness-raising articles.

Who we are

YogiSoul manifested from a passion for transcendence of the mind, body and ultimately the soul. We believe that humankind has the potential to be peaceful through a spiritual awakening process. Our goal is to contribute to that transformation of society that will lead to world peace.

Our philosophy

We believe everyone needs a guru or a guide at least once in their life. So, our goal is not to sell rather to assist those on their journey. And we offer tools to help you on your way. Whether it be a yoga mat or meditation aids, somewhere on YogiSoul you may find that catalyst to jolt you into a new state of consciousness. 

Where we are

Our journey has guided myself and my husband to one of the most spiritual places on Earth: the Himalayas of northeast India. Here we look for new insights to our own growth while researching new products and spiritual practices to share with you. 

Coming Soon

We are currently working with local Himalayan artists to bring you original artworks and handmade products.  Stay tuned.

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Get started on your yoga journey with the newest styles and latest accessories. 

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Yogi Blog

Yogi Blog expands to give you guidance throughout your yoga practice and spiritual awakening. Explore topics like ways to cleanse your karma, simple meditation methods, and the benefits of yoga practice.


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