Many people might be aware of the Sun God of Ancient Egypt called Ra that is believed to be the creator of life on Earth. But, you may not be aware of the modern message of Ra, revealing the true nature of consciousness: The Law of One.

Conveyed through a Q and A conversation with a professor of physics and an investigator of UFOs, Don Elkins, that occurred between 1981 and 1984, Ra speaks in the form of a 6-dimensional consciousness or social memory complex. 

What this conversation explains is the lost message of ancient Egyptian culture originating from the 2.6 billion-year-old Ra species on the planet Venus. 

Find out what is The Law of One, why it has remerged in our time, and how it is the catalyst for the dawning of a new age. 

One Infinite Creator

If you had to explain The Law of One meaning it would need to begin with the concept of one infinite creator. Do not confuse this with a monotheist religion where a god controls and rules a world as a separate supreme being. It is quite the opposite. 

Instead, the one creator is a macrocosm of the individual. Or rather, the individual is a piece, projection, and expression of this one whole source of creation. 

Ra calls the knowing creator the “infinite intelligence,” a presence that exists within each soul that has the potential to unlock its all-knowing capabilities. To do this it must accept and understand The Law of One and realize the self, as well as others, are all the same; are all one. 

Illusions and Distortions of Duality

In The Law of One, Ra explains the need for the human experience using a set of illusions and distortions. The illusion of separation creates the ultimate lessons for the creator through as many conscious life forms as possible. 

The main part of this Law of One illusion is the perception of duality: the good and the bad. Our minds classify everything we see and experience as a polarity. These are called distortions of which there are three primary ones:

  1. Free Will
  2. Logos
  3. Light

Free Will

Our free will initiates unique experiences for the benefit of the creator by disallowing intervention. Ironically, free will often seems absent as we look to outside forces for answers, retributions, comforts, and solutions. However, it is our free will that allows us to choose various pathways back to knowing who we truly are.

Also ironically but not coincidentally, the very revelations of our free will dissolves this distortion, allowing individual experiences to unlock our full potential as free souls. 


Otherwise called love, Logos are the manifestation of form in our reality. For example, our galaxy is a logos for it is the largest manifestation in scale. A sub-logoi would then be pieces of the main logos like the sun. Humans and other life-forms are then considered to be sub-sub-logoi.

Each logos is a creation of insurmountable experience. As such, logos, sub-logoi, and sub-sub-logoi act as separate vessels to gain as much experience as possible. This, as we shall see, is a cycle of creation, experience, transcendence, and creation again. 


The third piece of the distortion puzzle is the means that allows our reality to exist: light. It is the energy field of light that gives shape to the illusions of space and form as well as time. 

Although light acts as a distortion by serving the illusion it is also the force that is used for ascension to the source. Therefore, it is an essential piece of our evolution to oneness. 

Moving Through Densities 

This Law of One summary cannot be complete without a discussion of the levels of density.

There are seven realities or densities with the eighth density being that which creates the other seven. Each density represents a time period of reality in relation to the awareness and unity of the self. This is the process by which any new logos comes into being. 

First Density

This is the first step toward the emergence of a reality as time begins to exist as a physical manifestation. Here we see the existence of primal elements of earth, air, water, and fire. This takes about 2 billion years to cultivate. 

Second Density

In the next 4.6 billion years, the second density of biological life forms using complex cellular matter and the implementation of DNA in its primitive state. 

Third Density

For most humans, this is the reality we have experienced in our written and ancient histories. It is the development of consciousness and the manifestation of the “soul” into physical form. This is the turning point for the creator as it begins a direct connection through experience with its creation. This phase only takes 75,000 years. 

Fourth Density

The souls found in the third density can choose to ascend into the fourth density by using love as a means of union. This is what creates, as Ra calls it, a “social memory complex” that unites consciousness under a goal of love for one’s self or for the love of others. A fourth density lasts about 30 million years with lifespans lasting about 90,000 years. 

Fifth Density

In the fifth density, light prevails as the individual is filled with the creator’s wisdom. This is a graceful reality where the individual can manifest and manipulate their physical self and surroundings.

Sixth Density

This is the density of Ra, where the union of wisdom and love exist. Those on the path of self-love realize the need to open up to the love of others in order to serve universal awakening. This phase of sixth density lasts for approximately 75 million years.

Seventh Density

Acting as a gateway, this is the destiny of ascension where the seventh and eighth densities meet and become one with the source. 

Eighth Density

Here is the home of creation and the creator. It is also where the formation of a new first density, after a cycle, is completed. The new logos incorporates the experiences from the other densities to create another evolved reality from the beginning. 

The Veil of Experience and Harvest Graduations

In order to experience as much as possible in form, the creator places a veil upon itself in that form. By being born as a blank slate, the soul gets to experience life as a new. 

Slowly, through lessons; the veil is lifted. As the veil lifts through each density a harvesting occurs. 

A harvest is a transcendence into a new density after learning what it needs to from the previous density. If the lesson is not learned then the individual forms repeat the density in a cycle of karma until it is ready to move on. 

Once a certain number of souls move to another density a new reality is formed on their planet. According to Ra, humans are in the process of moving into a fourth density. 

Those still in third density will be reincarnated on another planet or sub-logoi to continue their learning. The new fourth density Earth will consist of first, second, and fourth density beings only. This will birth a new paradigm on the planet. 

Invoking The Law of One

Knowing what is the Law of One is the first step toward embracing it. For you will know only when your karmic soul is prepared for the next leap forward. 

Now is the time to choose a path of either self love through healing (the negative) or service to others by expression (the positive). Both are equally important and will eventually lead you to the same ending of a union as one. 


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