Some might say that the secret law of attraction represents the will of the universe. And the will of the universe is controlled by negative and positive forces always competing with one another. Individual embodiments of these two forces can manipulate the outcome of who wins the battle. 

In our case, the mind is the individual, the forces are our thoughts, and the result leads to either a happy fulfilled life or one filled with sadness and regret.

So, how do you control these forces? The real question to ask yourself is how do you manifest my desire using the law of attraction?

Read on to find out. 

What is Law of Attraction?

Simply put, the law of attraction is the act of manifesting your own thoughts into existence.

Many people are unaware of the power of their mind. Thoughts become our reality, so negativity, anxiety, and fear breeds situations that bring these situations to the forefront of our surroundings.

Think of the words and images in our minds as mirrors and the real world like a reflection of that mirror. This reflection seems to most humans the result of outside forces not the effect of our internal dialogue. 

What we see is merely a projection of what we believe to be true.

The attraction part acts as a magnet. Reflections of joy and sorrow bounce off of those around us and eventually come back to satisfy our own projection of existence. If we believe in failure then failure will make its way to us, the same goes for success. 

This is similar to the law of karma and the concept of receiving back what we put into the universe. Karma cleansing is a technique similar to the manifestation of our desires.

The History of the Law of Attraction

This principle may sound familiar as it is the basis of many religions and spiritual practices.

Controlling the mind through meditation has been used for thousands of years. Many sages like Babaji, the messenger of the resurrection of Kriya Yoga, used his mind to transcend and manifest earthly desires. 

It was even used by Jesus to manipulate matter, which was considered to be the practice of miracles, however; they were just acts of a heightened state of control through the concept of manifestation.

More recently, the law of attraction has been preached and used by celebrities and professional athletes as the justification behind their ambitions and ultimate success. However, this practice does not have to be left for the rich and famous; it can be used by everyone and for any reason. 

The widespread use of yoga and meditation has provided the perfect gateway throughout history to successfully encourage individuals to regain control of their minds and destinies as free-will beings.

How Do I Manifest My Desires?

Yoga can aid us in the quest to manifest our most precise desires, but the action must come from our own minds. 

Mediation provides the focus and clarity to first understand what we most desire. We can use a quiet and clear state of consciousness to envision the life we want to lead. Then we use this vision as a catalyst to change the perception of our reality. 

Project this vision onto the world. Believe that it is happening, and it will begin to unfold. Have no doubt that you will get what you want. Each action you take should contribute to the narrative that you tell yourself.

Uses for the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction and manifestation can be used for specific purposes as well as overall happiness. Like putting together a puzzle, each piece revealing portions of a complete image, we must take into consideration each part of our life to feel completely satisfied.

1. Manifesting Love with the Law of Attraction

Everyone wants to have fulfilling relationships in their lives, full of reciprocal tenderness and care. Many times, love can be disguised as dependence and cause us to choose negative relationships based on low self-esteem, feelings of worthlessness, or overall lack of respect for our own needs. 

We should not sell ourselves sort of real love. And in order to acquire it, we first must recognize that our ego can interject the process of loving.

Which desires feed the ego and which desires lift our spirit? An ego seeks love to fill a void, but a spirit seeks love to express itself and grow. 

Decide which aspects of your love-seeking fits the category of spirit. Let go of the selfish desires of the ego and express your spirit onto the world. This good-hearted action will bounce back in the form of true love, one that you deserve.

2. Manifesting Money with the Law of Attraction

The desire for wealth is a tricky concept as it can lead to greed, selfishness, and jealously.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where money is needed to survive. But, we must remember that the idea of money fits only into the materialistic world; it is a fabrication of society. It does not feed the soul, therefore; it should not be worshipped nor should it control our lives. That is why we only ask the universe for what we need. We ask for money to fulfill our soul work on this earthly plane, so be careful with your intentions of wealth.

Identify your need for money by first discovering your purpose. Do you need money because you resent someone who has it or do you have a goal in mind? 

These intentions will drive the effect of your desires. Pure desires will result in positive outcomes, but ill-will can lead to a spiral of jealousy and ego combustion. 

First make sure your desire for money comes from your heart then imagine the results that will come from this money. Take small steps toward your goal and see it progressing with each accomplishment.

3. Manifesting Healing and Health with the Law of Attraction

Stress and anxiety are the conducts of mental and physical health, which are generated through thoughts alone. Our minds tell us when we are sick, and they can also tell us when we are healthy. They are powerful remedies but can also be the agent that keeps us ill. 

Deep meditation has been known to heal the body. Similar to how sleep regenerates the cells of the body, meditation stimulates oxygen through the blood, reduces stress, and calms the mind. However, we do not need to meditate consistently to maintain a healthy body.

We can begin by manifesting a healthy mind that relieves us from the paranoia of sickness. A hypochondriac can literally make themselves sick just by thinking it into existence. We can avoid many illnesses just by removing them from our mental reality. Believe you are in pristine health and your body will act accordingly.

4. Manifesting Abundance with the Law of Attraction

Once you have mastered the law of attraction, it is possible to gain an overall abundance of life. Life is never perfect as the duality of the earth must be balanced, but if we understand this then nothing should disturb our happiness. 

Acceptance of the universe’s will: that everything happens in accordance to a plan, i.e. a lesson learned or a transcendence of spirit. This mentality can free us from the burden of suffering. 

Abundance will come if we believe all life is bountiful regardless of the pain associated with it. The pain is part of life just as much as the pleasure; welcome both as the blessing of life and be free.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Manifestation may seem like a difficult task when we are used to believing that our environment affects us rather than we affect our environment. The first step to understanding the law of attraction is to remove this idea and to have faith in the power of our minds. Give it a test by focusing on one simple thing all day like imaging that there will be no traffic on your commute home, then see the proof for yourself.


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