Have you ever thought about someone after a long time and the next day they text you out of nowhere? This isn’t just a coincidence, it is a synchronicity. 

That’s right synchronicity means more than seeing 11:11 on your clock (although, this could be part of one too). 

If repeating numbers, strange reoccurrences, and deep intuitional guidance resonants with you then you’ve come to the right place (and not by accident, either!)

Let’s dive right into these unusual messages from the universe to discover what are synchronicities and how to properly use them to evolve your life. 

What is Synchronicity?

Synchronicity is defined on two different levels. All points of view are extremely important for understanding how synchronicity works on a macrocosm and microcosm scale. 

Let’s start with the synchronicity definition used by Carl Jung. He uses psychological and physiological to understand the phenomena. 

Scientific Definition

Jung says that synchronicity is simply the psyche connecting with the external or the cosmos. This creates a non-casual event to occur on the outside that matches our sentiment in our thoughts, feelings, or intuition.

This may seem like a debunking of synchronicity as mere self-created coincidences, however, this theory has been proven scientifically in quantum physics. 

Quantum entanglement is when two components react to one another outside of time and space or 3D reality. This is where synchronicity is proven to be real—or as real as our minds can conceive to be real. It shows that synchronicity events are the spontaneous, yet meaningful, connection of two otherwise unrelated entities. 

Why are there entities connecting? The answer lies in the spiritual meaning of synchronicity.  

Spiritual Definition

Spiritually speaking, synchronicities are messages from your higher self and the divine source to your consciousness. They direct you on your soul journey here on Earth. 

Viewed as discreet coincidences to get your attention, synchronicities point you in the direction of your destined path. 

This process is also used to remove the amnesia of your human self, born into this lifetime without knowing who you are. Removing the veil of forgetfulness through often subtle messages is a way to communicate between the physical body or material world and the divine consciousness or non-physical realm. 

This spiritual definition can be taken out of hand as well, that is, once you learn about them. 

People looking for synchronicities for the sake of a spiritual awakening may find themselves confused by forcing connections. This is called confirmation bias, which is used to dismiss synchronicities. 

Confirmation bias says that our brains try to find these connections to make sense of things. However, with practice and experience in knowing how to use synchronicities, you can see that they are not made up when they are spontaneous. This is especially true when a real synchronicity points you in a direction of resistance. 

Examples of Synchronicities

Let’s go through the common types of synchronicities and use one as a reference to know what does a synchronicity mean. 

Here are the most common types:

  • Repeating numbers- seeing a repetition of numbers after a certain thought or question (these can also occur randomly for activations as we shall see later.)
  • Musical lyrics or TV shows- a song’s lyrics answer a question you have been pondering or they fit into your life situation at the perfect moment.
  • Thoughts becoming true- thinking of something or someone and then it happens almost immediately.
  • Chain of events- several occurrences fall into place forcing you to make a tough decision (for example, you lose your job and then meet an old friend who wants to start a new business venture.)

Now let’s go through a more detailed example to show you the power of synchronicity. 

My Major Synchronicity

I had been married for several months when I began working on a project with a guy from India. One thing led to another and I fell for the guy. The next thing I knew I was considering moving to India and leaving my old life behind. But, of course, I was scared and hesitant. 

In comes the universe to tell me which path to choose. I began seeing signs everywhere that I needed to go to India. For example, a show both my husband and I watched had an episode where a woman leaves her husband to go to India. Her dialog was even similar to what I told my husband when I broke the news of my decision. Freaky right? 

This was a major synchronicity for me as it made me get a divorce, quit my job, sell or give away all my possessions except 2 backpacks full of clothes, and move to another country. 

It was also major because of the pressure I felt. I could feel this pressure in my body. The chest pains, panic attacks, and headaches all forced me to finally accept the challenge of leaving this life for a new one and confirmed that it was my next step in a spiritual journey. 

And the funny part about these strong synchronicities is that they keep repeating and getting stronger the longer you ignore their call. 

Why Synchronicity Happens?

By now you should know why synchronicity happens, but let’s go into more detail. 

This nudge to push you out of a normal routine and stagnant consciousness leads to an expansion of consciousness by provocation. It then moves you along the process of awakening and completing your divine mission. 

This requires you to step away from petty routine and onto a meaningful track; from the mind and into a heart consciousness. Hence the term: follow your heart to be happy. 

To be more specific, let’s break synchronicities down into two types: Guidance and Activation. 

Guidance  vs. Activation

Synchronicities act as steps needed to expand your consciousness when acting as a guide. However, they also lead to activations of your DNA, changing your thought patterns or programming, cleansing karma, and upgrading vibrations. Think of these syncs as a sign that you are on the right path. 

With practice and recognition, you will be able to know the difference between guidance and activation synchronicities. Trust your intuition and listen to your heart through feelings rather than analysis to decipher the purpose of synchronicities. 

How Do You Attract or See Synchronicities?

No matter what type of synchronicity you receive, you have to notice and accept it for it to be useful. 

Luckily, synchronicities happen automatically as your higher self and source are always in communication with you. So, all you need to do is see them.

If you are having trouble seeing them, there are ways to attract synchronicities or make them more apparent. This may be needed if this is your first time working with synchronicities. 

You can attract or become aware of synchronicities by doing the following:

  • Setting an intention: Announce that you are ready to receive synchronicities 
  • Relaxing: Don’t force or try to control synchronicities (This creates false synchronicities and confirmation bias, leading to confusion and frustration.)
  • Detaching from expectations: go with the flow to experience authentic synchronicity (forgetting about them makes them pop up unexpectedly and quickly).

Not using these technics and instead trying to force synchronicities shows a distrust toward your higher self and the path already mapped out for you. Trust is essential to accept guidance and clearly view synchronicities. So, let go and let it flow.

How to Use Synchronicities?

When you begin your spiritual journey, synchronicities and their purpose are clearer and larger, as well as more frequent. This is simply to get your attention and guide you in the much-needed and much more different timeline. 

Once you practice these synchronicities and understand them their intensity and frequency diminishes since you don’t need them as much anymore. 

However, no matter how many, how often, and how intense they are, you use synchronicities in similar ways, depending on the type of synchronicity: guidance or activation.

Using Guidance Synchronicities

Here are the basic steps to follow once you realize that you received a guidance synchronicity. 

  • Acknowledge that you received and understood the message. 
  • Recognize any fear associated with the message. 
  • To soothe any fears, allow yourself to soak in the guidance and confirm it is true (The universe will send you more signs to confirm its authenticity.)
  • Take action by decisively moving toward a new path. 

Using Activation Synchronicity

Think of this type of synchronicity as a light switch turning on. It is a light code entering your physical DNA, upgrading your energy through divine knowing. For example, you may acknowledge something that you already know but you didn’t know that you knew. 

Follow these two simple steps to acknowledge your new knowing. 

  1. Tell yourself that you accept the download.
  2. Take a deep breath and allow the upgrade to complete. 

Activation synchronicities are harder to see if you are not aware of them. However, it is also true that you won’t receive these types of syncs unless you are ready for them. 

Synchronicity’s Divine Purpose

Now that you know what synchronicity is, you can begin to bask in the aww and glory of them. Although some synchronicities present you with difficult tasks and decisions, they will also guide you and upgrade you toward your soul’s purpose. Therefore, following synchronicities will always be pleasant in the end no matter how challenging. 

For more ways to learn your true path, read ways to attract and manifest your desires. 


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