Otherwise known as twin flame relationships, this union between two souls is actually a reunion of one soul that has been split. The decision to separate occurred on the astral-plane, the world of light and spirit to which we go in between our projected physical existence. We do not have a memory of this decision and of our time apart from this world, so when you find your twin flame it is like a you recovered from amnesia.

Read on to discover the twin flame signs to see if you found your twin flame in this lifetime.

Reason for Twin Flame Separation

The soul usually decides to divide into two when it wants to experience more of life, like making a copy of yourself to get two tasks done at once. By living two physical lives, twin flames have double the chance of working out their karma. Plus, when there is a twin flame reunion, they help one another resolve lingering karmic issues.

How to Find Twin Flame

Many people discover the concept of a twin flame and go seeking their counterpart. This tactic usually does not work because either you are not ready to be in a twin flame relationship or you just do not have one in this lifetime. If the latter is the case, then your souls have not lined up either in time, space, or both. If the former applies, then you are also wasting your time. 

Both halves of the twin flame must be ready to be reunited with each other. This means, as physical individuals, you must be elevated spiritually and partially already connected through divinity before you can handle your twin.

A twin flame connection relies upon a level of individual completeness, since the purpose of their reunion is to further elevate each other and rise together. Think of it as a video game where you don’t get a partner until the 10th level because you first need to learn how to fight on your own.

So, to find your twin flame, do not go looking outward; start within yourself because that is where your flame originally resides. You and your twin are still in the astral-plane, in a spiritual sense. Finding your twin flame on Earth resembles your completion of a divine tasks. For instance:

  • You have let go of material wealth.
  • You have raised your vibration through mediation, yoga, or a change in diet and health, like veganism.
  • You have grown beyond your ego and physical body.
  • You have expressed love and empathy toward others in unselfish ways.

Twin Flames Recognition

Even if you have never heard of the term twin flame, you may have always felt a presence. Like you knew there was always someone out there that understood you and that was the missing part of your being.

When you finally meet, it will feel like you are talking and looking at yourself through a mirror. This is called the mirror self: opposites that contrast each other yet have an inner core of the same source. Twin flame signs may include:

  • A serendipitous feeling like you already know one another.
  • An ease at pointing out truths like no one before. It’s as if you are speaking to your inner consciousness out loud for the first time.
  • Contrasting physical features may be more apparent than others.
  • You may be able to feel your twin’s vibration even when far apart.
  • Telepathy is common as you will know what the other will say and do before they do it.
  • You recognize your own faults and unresolved karma through their eyes without defense.

Twin Flame Revelations

These faults reflect each another as an earthy duality. Your strengths are your twin’s weaknesses and vice versa. Although you share the same moral values and life goals.

Finding your twin flame is the ultimate reward and the final challenge as you go through 8 twin flame stages. You’ve made it to level 10, but it also means that your next level will increase in difficulty. And your only villain to fight—as it has been all along—is yourself. Your twin flame shows you the last steps you need to take in order to defeat your own demons, to rise above maya—the illusion of the material world—and merge into oneness with divinity.


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