Do you ever feel drawn to complete strangers for no reason other than you feel like you know them already?

We’ve all experienced clicking with certain people and even falling in love with them. But, if you are one of the many people that are finding their twin flame recently then you know a twin flame relationship is like no other. 

Discover the complex twin flames definition and how twin flame love is a divine union. 

What is a Twin Flame?

A twin flame is what it sounds like. Actually, you might also call it twin souls, as the real definition of twin flames is a soul that split in two. 

According to twin flame theory, an oversoul or higher self consists of one main spirit. This higher self can divide into many living forms. A twin soul, therefore, implies that a higher self/oversoul divided and created two (or more) humans with the same soul. 

These divided souls live separate lives to experience and learn more for their oversoul. They could even be born at different times or on various planets in this 3-dimensional reality. 

A twin flame reunion could bring souls together for a specific reason or to further challenge each other to awaken their consciousnesses. 

Twin Flames vs Soulmate

Twin flames and soulmates may seem interchangeable, however, this is not the case. Soulmates are not from the same higher self or oversoul. Rather, a soulmate is a spirit that you have spent past lives with or interacted with them in the astral realm. 

These souls have different oversouls and are not part of the same spirit. Soulmate relationships also differ as they are less intense than twin flame relationships. 

In fact, twin flames tend to mirror one another, so they could appear to be opposites in some cases. Whereas, soulmates are more compatible as they have shared similar experiences and often like the same things in life. 

How Do You Know if You Found Your Twin Flame?

There are several twin flame signs that help you conclude that you indeed found your “split other.”

  • Twin Flame Telepathy (knowing what each other will say or do, talking without speaking)
  • Twin Flame Recognition (a strong connection beyond the physical)
  • Twin Flame Synchronizations (signs from the universe that direct you to be with each other) 
  • Twin Flame Vibration (both twins have awakened and vibrate at the same frequency)

In addition to these signs, a twin flame union may also be sudden and intense. They often come at a time of deep inner reflection, like you have been subconsciously calling out to your other half.

What are Twin Flames Supposed to do?

So, what is the purpose of a twin flame relationship? All relationships are meant to teach you something about your life’s experience. However, twin flames usually come together for a bigger purpose. 

Twin flames are supposed to serve a larger mission that is already a part of each of the twin’s lives. For instance, both twins may have a similar passion that elevates the universal consciousness. 

By reuniting at a particular time, their mission has been deemed critical. Oversouls may have called twin flames together to strengthen their abilities to fulfill a destiny. 

But first, there is a catch. There are usually 8 twin flames stages to experience before a divine mission can be completed.  Only then will both halves be strong enough spiritually to act out of free will to embody source or christ consciousness. 

A Twin Flames Love is the Definition of Soul Awakening

Now that you know the twin flames definition you should prepare yourself for a soul awakening. If you have found your twin flame, it means that you are about to go on a roller coaster ride. It is a sign that your soul is ready to take on more challenges and remove past karma once and for all. 


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