Sound, from the calming melody of a lullaby to the rhythmic beating of a drum contains powerful forces, but the most impactful noise is the sacred sound of the universe: om or aum.

This vibration is said to be the essence of god in many religions as well as the primal hum of nature. 

By connecting to the om vibration, we can regain balance and heal the mind and body.

Origins of Om

Referred to in the ancient Hindu Veda scriptures in Sanskrit, the sacred sound of om exists everywhere, is everything, and connects everyone to the source of creation.

It can also be defined in scientific terms as the sound of the big bang and the sudden explosion that led to the beginning of consciousness. 

In Christianity, the sacred sound of om is mentioned in the bible as the word of god: “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God … and the Word was made flesh.”

The origins of om, no matter which religion or scripture is followed, describes the combination of sounds that, when in harmony and unison, mimics the voice of god, nature, or divine (whichever you would like to call it).

The Om Symbol

pastedGraphic_1.pngIn Hindi script, the om symbol depicts the stages of a spiritual awakening and various levels of consciousness. One curve represents the waking stage, the next curve is the dream state, and the third curve is the state of deep sleep. The semi-circle near the top under the dot symbolizes maya, the materialistic attachments in life, which blocks us from the final stage of awakening called turiya.

Healing Through Om Mantra Chanting

Mantras are the repetition of sacred phrases that produce a harmony of sounds. All Vedic prose was written as a mantra so that they can be easily memorized. They all begin with the sacred and universal sound of om to connect with the divine and cleanse the spirit.

By using Nada Yoga to listen to the internal and external sounds of the universe, you accelerate yourself spiritually.

An om mantra for meditation removes the blockage of maya and allows you to connect directly with god or the divine. Once connected, your mind can offer you powerful forms of self-healing as your mind and body harmonizes internally and amplifies into your personal space. 

When you aren’t fighting with negative vibrations both inside your body and in your environment, then you can begin the process of healing. Stress is the source of all disease and it comes when we do not trust the universe to guide us along our path.

The sacred om sound brings us back to the path and flow of nature. We stop fighting and are able to surrender to a higher purpose, losing the worry of maya and accepting the gift of life and love.

How to Use Om in Meditation

There are many ways to meditate, but using an om mantra can help you concentrate on your connection with the cosmic consciousness and reach a higher state of being.

My favorite mantra is om namah shivaya, which offers praise to the Hindu god Shiva or the divine essence of creation that exists within the self. You can sit in a comfortable position like half-lotus, close your eyes, and chant along to a guided mediation. Focus on a specific chakra and the vibrations flowing through parts of the body.

Personalizing the Sacred Sound of the Universe

There are many mantras to choose from, so find one that suits your needs and that you find is easy to remember. Chanting the same mantra daily aligns your internal vibrations with positive energies around you. By welcoming positivity and matching their vibrations, you ask for the universe to bring you love and abundance. This will greatly improve your health and mood as you connect more to the sacred sound of the universe.


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