In today’s society, spending time outdoors seems more like a chore than a routine. We strategically make time for a walk on the weekends if it is “nice” outside, otherwise; TV, smartphones, and online activities consume our leisure priorities. 

This behavior has its pitfalls for humanity as we lose our connection with nature so much so that we view ourselves as separate from it. Many people understand this and hang onto nature by a thread when they get a moment to appreciate the serenity it bestows on them. But, the beauty of nature is not the only thing we are missing. 

By not grounding ourselves to the energy of the Earth, we are literally harming ourselves.

Read on to discover why restoring our connection with the Earth through grounding is vitally important for our spiritual journey. 

What is Grounding or Earthing?

By walking barefoot on sand, soil, grass, and even concrete, we neutralize our body’s electronic charge. 

Think of static electricity and how if you touch metal when you have a sweater on you get shocked. The positive energy built up in the sweater is released when we touch a conductor like metal that is connected to the ground. 

This is also true when electricians work with wire. The current must be grounded in order to distribute the energy and avoid a jolt of electricity.

Our bodies hold positive and negative energy or atoms called ions that we collect in nature as well as through electronic devices. Positive ions can overwhelm the body caused by low air quality, pollution, or extreme weather conditions like heat waves that increase levels of radiation.

It can also be a problem when you spend too much time near electronics like computers, which admit free radicals into the body that are detrimental to your health.

How Does Grounding Work?

By walking or touching the surface of the Earth, we can absorb the negative ions vibrating from the ground. This removes the positive charge built up in our bodies and makes our own electrons more stable. If we wear rubber-soled shoes or walk on surfaces like wood, plastic, tar, or vinyl, then we are blocking the Earth’s electrical current. 

We are disconnecting ourselves from the source of energy that creates life. This has enormous effects on how we function, from our mental state and how we heal ourselves physically as well as our vibrational spiritual frequencies. 

Benefits of Grounding

The main issue with an abundance of positive ions in the body is the creation of free radicals (charged ions without an opposing pair). 

Free radicals can cause a chemical reaction in the body that leads to abnormalities of the cells like cancer growth. 

Earthing or grounding ourselves with the healing power of the Earth can dislodge these excess ions so that our current flows naturally and remains balanced. By doing so, grounding provides these benefits:

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Decreases stress levels
  • Promotes healthy sleep patterns
  • Enhances ability to heal
  • Increases energy
  • Improves circulation
  • Balances hormones
  • Relieves tension in muscles and head
  • Provides serenity

All of these factors contribute to a clearer mind and the potential to activate chakras, open the third-eye, and grow spiritually. 

Does Earthing Really Work?

Just because we have to get outside and toss our store-bought shoes to participate, earthing is viewed by the mainstream as pseudo-science or a “hippie thing.” 

Although it does have a large spiritual connotation, earthing scientific studies have been conducted. One study proved that cortisol hormone levels were reduced after earthing, leading to a more rhythmic sleep pattern, lower stress levels, and relief from chronic pain and inflammation. 

Other research has categorized earthing as the essential missing component to curing modern ailments like cardiovascular disease. 

Connection with the Earth is just as basic as our need to absorb the sun’s vitamin D or to replenish our bodies with water.

Restoring Our Spiritual Connection

Pseudo-science or not, the feeling we have when walking on the surface of the Earth does not compare to synthetic counter-parts. We do not need to see the physical evidence as we can perceive the benefits of earthing through our soul. 

The moments spent in nature are felt deep down and can heal us like no medicine could. So, it is not difficult to understand the need for physical contact with Earth on a daily basis.

We can see the bounty of nature with our eyes, but touching provides us with a sense of reality. We can feel sand, mud, and organic materials on our skin. This gives us an awareness of belonging and returning to a source that is forgotten many times in the human realm of existence. And on a metaphysical level, as we connect with the vibrations of the Earth by grounding, we also bond and become one with all of life.

Get Started with Grounding

Grounding and restoring your connection to the Earth is as simple as it sounds. Take a walk in your backyard barefoot or start a yoga at home practice outside on the grass. Spending as much time as possible physically touching Mother Nature will change your life for the better.


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