Most people think of enlightenment as a mystical concept reserved for saints and gurus. But, the fact is, the ability to be divine in this lifetime is available to anyone and anytime. 

This is achieved through a Kundalini awakening by activating your chakras and creating a pathway for the source, god, spirit, or whatever you wish to call it to flow through you. 

Find out how to awaken kundalini through focused meditation below. 

What is Kundalini?

Simply translated as divine feminine energy, Kundalini is represented by a coiled serpent located at the base of the spine. In Sanskrit, kundal means “coiled one.”

When a kundalini awakening occurs the serpent uncoils and begins an ascent up the spine to the crown. 

This meridian is in line with your 7 chakras that assist in Kundalini’s movement upward.  

That is why it’s essential to activate your chakras to have a kundalini awakening. 

Kundalini yoga and kriya meditation can activate your chakras and awaken your kundalini.

When the serpent of light reaches your crown chakra a kundalini awakening occurs within your body, mind, and, most importantly, your soul.

Kundalini Breathing Using Kriya Meditation

Your breath is the life force otherwise known as pranayama. When focusing on the breath one becomes in tune to the intricacy of their connection with life and source creation. 

The kriya breathing method combines meditation with pranayama breathing exercises. Its main goal is to take your attention inward, removing your awareness of the physical toward that which cannot be seen with the eyes. 

Begin by sitting in a meditation pose with your spine straight and eyes closed. Take a deep inhale as you focus on the air moving from your nostrils to your lungs and heart. 

Hold your breath in before exhaling. This moment between inhale and exhale is where stillness is found. Time stops and the outside world dissolves. 

When you exhale, imagine your breath move back out the way it came in. Continue with several breaths, noticing the cycle or rocking motion of your life force. 

Kundalini Chakras Activation

Once you become comfortable in your breath cycles you can start focusing on your chakras one by one. 

Start at your root chakra where Kundalini rests. Continue kriya meditation as you focus on this chakra and the color red. Imagine this area opening up and rotating as a spiral. “Lam” is the chant for this chakra, which is released on the exhale. 

Next, move up your spine to the sacral chakra located in your lower stomach. Focus on the color orange and again imagine a spiraling as you inhale and exhale. During your exhale chant “vam” to increase the vibrational waves.

Your solar plexus chakra also known as your sun center is just behind the naval. As you focus on yellow bursts of sun, begin chanting “ram” as you exhale. 

The heart chakra is especially important as it symbolizes and holds the gift of divine love. To awaken the kundalini safely, focus on the green color while thinking of pure love. This makes a kundalini awakening less shocking when fully released. Also, chant “yam” to stay connected to the heart. 

Follow kundalini to your throat chakra as you imagine a calming blue releasing tension and doubts from your ability to speak. Chant a soothing “ham” to further release your throat chakra. 

A third eye chakra is the source of intuition and sight beyond visual boundaries. Feel a glowing indigo color radiate from your third eye as you chant the sacred sound of the universe “om.”

As you reach your crown chakra you should feel tingling along the spinal column as 6 of your chakras are activated. Kundalini is about to burst through your crown and along with it your attachments to the physical world. Chant “ah” and picture a purple thousand-petal lotus blossom from your crown as kundalini awakens. 

Kundalini Awakening Signs After Chakra Activation

Now that you know how to awaken kundalini by activating your chakras, what should you expect afterward? The signs that you have successfully awakened your kundalini may be mild at first. You will have to meditate often and slowly to feel the full effects. 

However, you will feel a renewed sense of passion, compassion, and appreciation for the world. That is because a kundalini awakening is a process of becoming grounded to this world while embodying the divine love that created you and everything in it. So, you began to become that love as you activate the divine creation within you: Kundalini. 


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