Sometimes the heart feels like it is the center of your being, stronger than the mechanical impulses of the brain. That’s because it is. 

Your heart is not just the organ that pumps blood to your body. For centuries it has been viewed as the center of your soul, responsible for important life decisions. 

You’ve heard of the term “follow your heart” because it is the meeting place of your soul and physical form. 

Discover how heart chakra activation creates a bond between your higher self and your body to create a loving relationship with yourself and the world around you. 

What is the Heart Chakra? 

The heart chakra location is important as it is the connection between the other 6 chakras. 

Your root, sacral, and solar plexus chakra are of the physical realm. They control self-confidence, physical health, and impulsive decisions. 

The higher chakras above the heart, throat, third-eye, and crown chakra, are expressive. They promote the soul through initiative speech and divine knowing. 

In between, the heart acts as a bridge that mixes the impulses with the divine and turns it into a sacred love of self. 

 Heart Chakra Symbol

The heart shape is a well-known symbol that has been used as far back as the 12th century. But, its symbolism representing the balance of energy is infinite. 

As a chakra symbol, this balance is shown as a star created by two intersecting triangles. Each triangle points in the opposite direction, showing the union of masculine and feminine energies. 

The triangle pointing down signifies the bodily energy that grounds your spirit to your physical body and the triangle pointing up shows the transcendence of the body into spirit. Both energies flow in different directions and in a spiral motion merge at the heart center. 

Heart Chakra Healing

Is it essential to heal past karma, including fear caused by abuse or abandonment, ancestral bondages (oaths and hereditary behaviors that impede your ability to grow), and self-loathing—a consequence of a blocked heart chakra. 

To heal the heart, you must let go of the past by learning from it rather than loathing over it. Start fresh as if reborn. And look to the heart for guidance. 

Heart Chakra Opening Symptoms

The heart chakra opening feels like a breath of fresh air. This air represents the invisible love that shines throughout your body. It flows giving you new life, filling your body with your true spirit. This combination lightens your body and raising your vibration. 

Some symptoms that your heart chakra is opening are:

  • Emotional balance
  • Feelings of empathy
  • Heart palpitations
  • Authenticity of your true self
  • Self-care and love
  • Lightness and carefree feeling

These symptoms are the cause of a transformation of self, removing old ways as clearing heart chakra blockages releases past karma. 

How to Open the Heart Chakra

Now that you know what to expect from opening your heart chakra how do you do it? There are several ways to assist in a heart chakra opening. 

1. Heart Chakra Yoga Poses

Using yoga to open your heart chakra is very effective. It will bring your energy toward your heart center by lifting and opening your chest.

Use these yoga poses to open your heart and activate your heart chakra:

  • Cobra Pose
  • Bridge Pose
  • Bow Pose
  • Wheel Pose
  • Camel pose
  • Fish Pose

While in each yoga pose focus on your heart chakra as you take deep breaths. You can also use kundalini yoga to activate your chakra. 

2. Meditation for Heart Chakra

In addition to yoga, meditation can help open your heart chakra. Meditation requires concentration on the heart. Tools such as breathing techniques, mantras or chants, and mudra hand postures can assist with heart chakra activation. 

For the heart chakra, use the Padma Mudra mudra and try the mantra Guru Ram Das—the chant of compassion. 

3. Heart Chakra Affirmations

When you aren’t meditating or doing yoga, you can use heart chakra affirmations. Start off your morning, remove doubts or stress throughout the day, and comfort yourself before bed by speaking gently to your heart. 

Here are a few simple heart affirmations:

  • I forgive myself and others
  • I am full of love
  • I see the love in others
  • I am guided by love
  • I choose love in every situation
  • I am one with all beings
  • Infinite love exists in all I see

Keep these affirmations for heart chakra activation close to you. Memorize them and use them as a tool to always remain full of love and light. Eventually, they will become a part of you. 

Beginning Your Heart Chakra Activation

Starting your heart chakra activation is just one step closer to self-love. Your desire to open your heart is your first step. Be sure to not look outside yourself for love. Inside yourself and in your heart chakra is where true love exists. Find it and then project on to the world. 


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