The concept of karma has been given a bad reputation. It has been used from a distance to satisfy our resentment toward others, hoping that bad karma will strike the person who wrongs us. It has also been used as an excuse to explain the negative occurrences in our lives. 

But, what about the good karma? What if instead of focusing on the bad karma plaguing the Earth we concentrated on cleansing our karma and creating good rather than wishing bad on others?

Karma cleansing allows us to renew our karmic debt that has been accumulating throughout our past lives. This is a positive, self-reflective process that directs attention toward improving oneself rather than placing karma spells on others. 

Read on for the five steps to cleanse your karma in this lifetime. 

Steps to Cleanse Your Karma

Before you begin a karma cleanse, understand that your intention is to break a negative karmic cycle. This involves taking several steps to change your perspective and behavior of and within the world.

1. Admit Your Karma

Just like any bad habit, we must first identify it by finding the sources of our bad karma. Think about repetitive actions that afterward, you regret. These traits may hurt other people and hinder your growth potential as they keep you in the same karmic cycle. If you feel stuck, then it is time for serious change. Find the source by retracing your steps back to the origin of this behavior and make a conscious decision to reroute your actions. 

2. Alter Your Karma

Actions speak louder than words. After you recognize your bad karma, it is time to redirect it to a positive state of action. You can start small by adjusting your attitude. Treat others with respect and kindness regardless of how they treat you. 

However, if a relationship is holding you back and producing negativity, gently removing this person from your life will make you more pleasant. This alteration will slowly reflect off of others and back on to you, creating good vibes and positive opportunities. 

3. Embrace Your Karma

In life, there exists the illusion of duality— the good and the bad. So, karma cleansing does not mean that nothing bad will ever happen to you. It is all about how you handle situations—treat the bad and good the same way. 

Your mind creates your reality and decides whether to act with a smile or a frown. By embracing any mishap and seeing the bright side of it, you take control of your karma. You break the cycle by disallowing it to break your spirit. And by doing so, you will begin to see a difference in your life. Others will notice this transformation and treat you differently as well. 

4. Forgive Your Karma

Forgiveness allows closure, which, in turn, creates the ability for growth. By forgiving yourself and others for past misdeeds you can finally put your mistakes behind you. 

Take what you have learned from admitting your karma and learn that it was a part of an old you. You have shed the skin of those attitudes and mindsets and learned your lessons. Do not dread on that old self, instead be grateful for your renewed persona. 

Extend your forgiveness to those who wronged you in the past. Reach out to them if needed and share your condolences, for people hurt others only if they are hurting as well. 

5. Spread Your Karma

This will almost happen naturally to you. As you begin to embrace positivity, you will automatically affect those around you. Take this a step further by actively spreading love and promoting the pay-it-forward model. 

Do not ask for anything in return for your good deeds. Create a karmic cycle of good vibrates through you and around you. The law of karma means that the more you give, the more you will receive. When you give positivity, you will eventually receive it back. 

 Eliminating Negative Energies

Completing these steps to cleanse your karma will liberate you from negative karmic energy. A karmic cycle is a powerful force that follows you through thousands of rebirths. So, starting a karma cleanse in this life can pay off now and limit your number of rebirths, leading to ultimate enlightenment and ascension back to the source of your soul. 


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