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What is a Yogi?

Practicing the art of yoga is only one characteristic of a yogi. To feel the connection between one’s practice and one’s everyday actions  makes one a yogi. It is the constant process of creating positive energy for all life through one’s actions, thoughts, and meditation. It begins within a yogi, and like a drop of water in the ocean it ripplings throughout universe.

We Strive to Achieve

Our purpose is to create more than a shop to buy the latest yoga gear; this is only the beginning of our journey. The ultimate mission is to expand YogiSoul into a community of yogis that will be a force for peace. We will use the latest technologies to make YogiSoul an interactive and community driven enterprise. 

Our Writer

Our main content writer has grown up with a passion for yoga since the age of 12. It has led her to the source, the Himalayan Mountains in north east India. Here she is seeking both the ancient origins of yoga while expanding on her own knowledge to bring you the best yoga content. 

We would love to hear from you! If you have any questions, comments, or just want to reach out to us, please click the link below or follow us one social media. We are looking for artists, content writers, and general yogi affiliates. Go to Become a Yogi page to learn be about how you can help expand our mission. 

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