A twin flame love intensifies as the relationship develops. It challenges both individuals to confront internal issues that only your other half can reveal. This can lead to extreme happiness and tremendous pain. The important part is the journey, which can be divided into twin flame stages. 

Every twin flame relationship varies and has its ups and downs—rewards and regrets—but they all follow a similar path. This path begins with self-realization and ends with divine oneness. 

Here are the 8 twin flame stages that you are likely to go through if you have entered into a relationship with your twin flame or are searching for one. 

1. Longing for “The One”

No matter how many relationships you’ve encountered, there has been a missing piece in your life and a compromise that has been made. It’s a natural instinct to think each partner might be a “soul mate” so that we convince ourselves of it to be happy. However, deep down you know that someone else is out there. This someone begins as an idea of perfection because they are the missing part of you and your excuse for unhappiness. 

2. When Twin Flames Meet

Finding your twin flame will feel like a random coincidence. But, unlike any relationship you’ve experienced, this one will move fast and feel more exciting than any other. Your attitude toward life may change as you are filled with energy and inspiration. This feeling will increase the closer you get and the more often you communicate with your twin. 

3. Twin Flame Love

At some point, you will notice that you are and have always been in love with each other. As you experience these twin soul signs, you will continue to fall deeper and deeper in love. No other love can compare to a twin flame love. It makes you feel young, vibrant, and like anything is possible. 

Often times, twins are in another relationship during this stage, and it can be a difficult and confusing time. Stuck in your own compromised relationship from stage one, it may feel like you are dreaming or even being irrational. It takes courage and the right timing to remove yourself from your current partner, but the urge to be with your twin will be too overwhelming to stop it from happening.

4. Twin Flame Reunion

When you finally unite with your twin flame the world seems perfect. Problems seem to disappear, and roadblocks melt away as if it was destiny. You have only one purpose: being with your twin flame. This stage is called the “honeymoon” phrase because it is blissful and usually short. You should be prepared for what comes next.

5. Ego Testing

The purpose of your twin flame is to challenge your ego and resolve the karma of your past lives. Although twins share the same core values and beliefs, they also mirror each other’s shadows. The dark side of your soul emerges, and twins must help the other deal with lingering faults. This stage proves to be the most painful and can often lead to the next stage of defeat and retreat.

6. Twin Flame Running and Chasing 

Tensions during your testing phase can become so high that one twin may try to leave the relationship. The other twin, out of fear of losing the other, will chase the runner. This could lead to a temporary twin soul separation especially if one or both twins are not fully mature enough to handle the ego test. A waiting game persists until the runner returns or the chaser surrenders and seeks out their partner to reunite again at the right time.

7. Surrender and Forgiveness

The previous stage can be exhausting but for good reason. It takes strength to break down the walls of the ego. Once you realize that you can help each other just as much as you can hurt each other, you begin to choose the former. Forgiveness is a form of surrender and it is a sign of maturity that is sometimes missing from our lives far too often. This is when we can take the problems found in a twin flame relationship and turn them into lessons and a type of spiritual awakening that would be impossible without the other twin.

8. Becoming One Again

After surrendering, the relationship becomes a true partnership. You may become aware of a divine task that you both are destined to complete. It is no longer about the physical and emotional desire of love, for your love is unconditional. Instead, you both see a higher purpose that you could only complete together. Your egos have passed, and in their place is pure joy, intuition, and trust. This is where the true magic happens as you begin to project your love onto the world.

Deciding What Twin Flame Stage You’re In

Now that you know all the twin flame stages, you should determine which one you currently in. This can be easy if you haven’t found or reunited with your flame— you are in the first or second stage. If you are with your twin flame then you can analyze your relationship. Knowing what stage you are in will help you understand it and more past it with your eyes on the final stage of oneness. 

If you’re not sure if you found your twin flame then read Twin Flame Signs: Have you Found your Twin Flame? to find out.


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